Creating Global Classrooms: New Book Due Out  March 1st, 2022 by Routledge

The book examines how to begin to think like a global educator first by examining how our own histories and experiences have formed our own cultural and professional identities and second how the varied frames by which global education can be understood – pedagogical, ideological and cosmopolitan – have shaped the field. Laurence Peters connects theory and practice about global education relevant to cultivating global awareness in primary and secondary students. Rather than seeing global education as a special field separate from the other disciplines the author encourages integration of global perspectives into everything we do. Showcasing how global awareness is a developmental issue, dependent upon the student’s ability to step outside of their own place-based comfort zone, this volume lays out a roadmap of major challenges and issues around instilling this awareness in students. For more details click here


Meet Dr Laurence Peters, Author

Laurence Peters was born in London, England, and studied at the University of Sussex and later taught English for several years in the UK before subsequently moving to the US to pursue a doctorate degree in Education. Following a period of undergraduate teaching Laurence gained a Law Degree from the University of Maryland in 1986 and became counsel to the Subcommittee on Select Education & Civil Rights for the US House of Representatives (1986–1993) and later served as a Senior Policy Advisor to the US Department of Education (1993–2001). Dr. Peters has authored The United Nations, History and Core Ideas, Palgrave (2015), Global Education: Using Technology to Bring the World to Your Students ISTE, (2009) and Scaling Up: Lessons from Technology Based Educational Improvement (2009), Jossey Bass (2005). Laurence's most  most recent book is Creating the Global Classroom, Routledge, (2022). Laurence currently teaches Introduction to Global Education Policy at Johns Hopkins University and is married with three children.

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